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Flat and Level Floors Can Save Time and Money

Why you need flat and level floor?

More and more everyday projects of all types are required to have floor flatness and levelness testing included along with all other inspections within the project manual. And why not? Concrete floor flatness is essential to the safety and usefulness of every concrete floor with a specific intention. You will see why flat and level floors are so important to you and your business and how flat and level floors can save you time and money during construction and throughout the functional life of the structure. Also, a flat and level floor holds a great deal of value when it is time to sell or lease because more than likely, the next company will appreciate the fact that you can attest to the great performance you got out of the floor!

How can a flat and level floor save you time and money?

The concrete floor is the first major structure that all other trades will use to do their jobs. All man lift vehicles or traffic on slab, even if eventually the building will become a shopping center, will operate more efficiently and especially more safely. Storage racks, stud walls and floor partitions will be more easily installed. The flooring contractor will spend less time and use less adhesive material to fill low spots while installing VCT (vinyl composite tile) for resilient floors. Display cases and cabinet installations will be eased requiring little or no shimming. And the overall floor will have a more lustrous appearance as well while providing optimal safety against trip hazards for people in the building, thus reducing liability and litigation.

Is a flat and level floor more safe?

See previous answer and photo above!!!

How can ALLFLAT help us achieve better flatness and levelness?

For floor flatness and floor levelness measurements (FF/FL), ALLFLAT uses the Dipstick® Floor Profiler, the only Class I certified data collection measurement accepted by ASTM for Random-Traffic floors. In the event the specified overall F-numbers are not achieved, ALLFLAT can provide additional services to consult on site during construction. We will monitor place and finish techniques and make adjustments to both as needed increasing the overall F-numbers. We guarantee results that produce up to 50% higher than conventional place of finished techniques. 

For Defined-Traffic floors, we use the F-min Profiler to measure and calculate F-min values for VNA warehouses and distribution centers. Do Not be fooled by other companies claiming they can measure F-min with a walking or rolling Random-Traffic device. Not only is it non-practical and slow, but it is averaging (guessing) at best since the devices cannot emulate the exact wheel path of a true dual-axis differential profileograph.

This rack damage was caused by a turret lift truck that came off it's guide wire and crashed due to an unlevel concrete floor. Twenty-four pallet locations were lost until the upright could be replaced. Fortunately no associates were injured.