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  Your floor should allow your business to make money, not cause you to spend it on accidents or unnecessary maintenance costs.

Busy Warehouses Require Superior Flat and Level floors for Safety and Efficiency

Material Handling Efficiency and Safety starts with a correctly specified concrete floor profile tolerance to control the floor surface bumps and dips; more easily stated as flatness and levelness or ride-ability as controlled by F-number tolerances. Floor profile control needs to be addressed at the conception phase of the project with important emphasis on the end use of the facility.

Overlooking the simple issue will decrease the efficiency of material handling operations throughout the life of the facility; in addition to, lessening personnel safety and significantly decreasing the MHE (Material Handling Equipment) lifespan. In other words, affect the bottom line in the first order.

Busy Warehouses Require Superior Flat and Level floors for Safety and Efficiency

Our website provides information related to the concrete Floor Flatness, and Levelness and ride–ability; better known as FF, FL, and F–min, (F-numbers). F-numbers are the standards that control your material handling efficiency. Higher numbers give you high-efficiency, and increased safety. The converse is also true, low F-numbers translate to low efficiency, low Return On Investment, and decreased safety... and nobody wants or needs that.

We update our website when new information becomes available to provide you with the latest information related to Flat floors. By periodically revisiting our site, you can keep abreast of the latest technologies, standards, and practices affecting design, planning, construction, and repairs of concrete floors. In addition, you'll discover why Flat floors are important to you, your business, your associates, your clients and most certainly, your bank account!

Our site lists the services we provide to assure your concrete floors are properly designed and constructed as specified, and the achieved results are followed up with certification reports. You will also find that we provide remedial services for any floors that do not measure up to your needs or lift truck standards. These floors may be new construction or within an existing facilities you may own or want to lease or purchase. This is a great way to save money to 'find out' what the floor 'rides like' before you become committed and it could be a valuable bargaining tool to negotiate a better rate with the seller's agent or lessor.

We are confident the information provided within our site will answer your questions. However, if you have additional concerns, please contact us and one of our technical engineers will be pleased to answer your questions. Thank you for visiting ALLFLAT!